💗 Bespoke Bed Beautifully Crafted with Unfinished Plywood

This bed is made with plywood and appears beautiful. The wood mattress suggests off brilliant craftsmanship, blending inventive creativeness with warm natural cloth. Lushome provides the bed design which was created to enhance contemporary condominium thoughts advanced by using Studio DontDIY,  http://dontdiystudio.com/.

The timber bed is a nice blend of a traditional shape and specific information created with plywood. The nightstand is clearly elegant, however does not take any attention far from the bed. The comfort pattern is traditional, but the mattress design has a modernistic vibe.

Unfinished plywood gives the mattress a modern-day appearance, turning a conventional bed room furniture piece into an super ornament. The unfinished plywood mattress creates a superb centerpiece and produce a suitable craft into modern bedroom redecorating.

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Unfinished plywood mattress

Unfinished plywood mattress and nightstand

Great for any contemporary bedroom decorating, the mattress can transform any area, sudden with problematic carved timber sample and fashionable classic look.

Carved wooden bed design

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