💗 Fantastic Small House Design Balancing on Edge of Large Building

This small residence design seems first rate. The small home is placed on the top of a massive building creating a terrifi element and making all architectural designs around appearance unusual, thrilling and astounding. Fabulous small u . S . A . Home on the brink of the urban constructing is known as The Rising Of The Fallen Star. Lushome affords the innovative and high-quality architectural installation by using Do-Ho Suh.

>This small house layout seems like falling from the roof of a tall constructing, bringing memories of the well-known fairy story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The small residence layout demonstrate a awesome way of balancing on the threshold of the constructing. It appears no longer best unusual but very awesome, adding another beautiful object to innovative architectural designs that you want to look.

Designed by means of Korean sculptor Do-Ho Suh, famous for his high-quality and indulgent works, the Falling house satisfaction fans and surprise each person with breath taking set up.the small house design features pleasant and cozy interiors and offer inviting spaces embellished in mild colorings.

Whimsical roof pinnacle garden design mixing city environment with nature

Small house layout falling from the roof

Unique architectural designs, roof top small house balancing on the brink

Do-Ho Suh studied Eastern art at Seoul National University and continued his schooling as an artist inside the United States, blending progressive and traditional thoughts into his creative works. The sculptor and architect lives and works in New York, London and Seoul.

Small house interiors are created with pale blue shade and show off excellent and traditional domestic fixtures in English style that decorate the cottage sense.

Rooftop garden layout and small cottage built on the threshold

Placed right on the edge of a big city building, the small house has five tiers slope, which isn't truely that a good deal. However, all traffic sense scared to make a few steps in the residence. Warm and pleasant indoors design radiates comfort. Classic room furnishings and decor accessories, family photos and books create a stay-in us of a domestic atmosphere.

Table and chairs atop angled roof, particular furniture design thoughts

Creative small house layout presenting easy home interiors and quietness

The unusual small house design is an excellent architectural assignment that took seven years to finish. The balancing on the brink of the constructing, this small house is a totally extraordinary, interesting and costly installation that price $ 1.3 million.

Country domestic design and small yard landscaping at the roof top of large building
Country domestic decorating in English cottage fashion

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