💗 Invisible Fence that Reflects Beautiful Landscaping

This invisible fence almost boundlessly blends with surroundings, adding fabulous reflections of sparkling grass and bushes in spring and summer time, or colorful leaves in autumn to stunning perspectives. The Mirror Fence can be positioned anywhere you like for your garden, the front backyard or backyard to spotlight your herbal lawn design or reflect amazing centerpieces and backyard decorations.

Lushome offers this first-rate fence layout idea that's specific, original and extremely good. Designed in diverse sizes, the fence sections characteristic reflective surfaces and may be used for high or quick fences. Higher fences offer greater privateness, while short fences are greater attractive and make stunning lawn decorations.

This invisible fence is created by clothier Alyson Shotz. Its reflective surfaces add a futuristic vibe to standard garden structures and improve the way conventional wooden, metallic and plastic fences look.

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Invisible fence with reflective surfaces

Invisible fence, contemporary landscaping ideas

The fence is made with revolutionary reflective cloth which turn the fence into nearly invisible.

The fence is powerful and purposeful, at the same time as decorative, unexpected and surprising.

Unique fence with reflective surfaces

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