💗 Unique Sunflower House Design Geometry Creating Bright Warm and Modern Interiors

The specific Sunflower residence design features complex geometry that creates unique appearance and add character to fashionable interiors. The Sunflower residence is full of mild and allows its inhabitants to enjoyed views of the Mediterranean landscape from each room. Lushome offers this innovative residence layout project by using Cadaval and Sola-Morales.

This modern-day residence is located in El Port de la Selva, Girona, Spain. The authentic and thrilling house layout geometry is inspired via sunflowers and lets in citizens to bath in daylight. Designed with the aid of Cadaval & Solà-Morales, www.ca-so.com/, this modern residence layout creates a beautiful courting with the Mediterranean sea and invite the solar mild and heat into the residence.

The present day house design capabilities a complicated geometry which improves its capability, makes the present day domestic Green and enriches its appearance. The present day residence is capable of save sun warmth, like a massive sunflower following the solar on the sky. The Sunflower House has small units that each frame a beautiful view, and hold the house interiors shiny, warm and cushty, while building a strong connection between the character and people.

Modern house exterior layout stimulated via sunflowers

Sunflower house outside layout

The solar becomes an crucial and integrated detail of this contemporary residence layout. Gorgeous perspectives and bright herbal light make cutting-edge interiors sense inviting and exciting. The contemporary house layout with numerous cellular-like and open dwelling spaces seem present day and practical.

Sheltering the house from the effective winds was a mission that stronger the contemporary residence layout. The glazing incorporated thicknesses and new technology usually used inside the constructing of skyscrapers.

Sunflower, idea for modern residence outside design
Cell-like volumes of present day house design
Contemporary home with beautiful views from every room
Outdoor swimming pool with astonishing view

Modern interiors in modern-day fashion

Contemporary residing room design with timber and leather-based furniture
Modern residing room layout with glass wall

Photography by means of Sandra Pereznieto.

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