💗 Beautiful Color Combinations Brighten Up Modern Interiors by Dennis Valencia

Soft pastels and diluted indoors shades in vintage fashion are current color trends in decorating. Juicy colors beautifully highlight the tenderness of stylish pastel tones and add strength to indoors design thoughts. Here are inspiring shade mixtures from the portfolio of the Swedish dressmaker Dennis Valencia offering excellent interior design ideas for each room.

The fashionable mix of Scandinavian designs and colourful accents is a innovative, sudden approach to interior design in Scandinavian fashion. Artful info, shiny colour combinations, and reserved beauty paintings well for modern interiors which are practical, original, and vibrant.

Colorful living room furnishings

The coloration combos consist of turquoise and purple pastels, paired with the vibrant hues of their monochromatic palettes. The indoors color schemes not just appearance energetic and appealing, but provide beautiful shade mixtures for decorating rooms in real lifestyles.

Modern color trends

Decor colour schemes to feature power to gray color tones

Popular blue colour tones, indoors coloration tendencies

Majestic copper accents, current color in interior design

Pale turquoise and vivid blue-turquoise colours mix with magenta and dusty purple pastels. Rich golden shades, light and medium-dark brown colours add warm temperature and comfort to the interior design. Tender pastel hues melt grey color tones and add light accents to darkish shades in the room. Pale blue and lavender balance rich blue and red colours, injecting harmony into the interior design.

Wood and delightful upholstery fabrics in vibrant colors, present day color tendencies in decorating
Modern velvet fabrics, colorful living room furniture
Modern living room decorating, white and grey color tones, shiny accents
Green wall, white bedding, modern-day bed room design


Modern colour developments, blue colours
Light pink and light purple shades, modern coloration tendencies in decorating interiors

City of Santa Rosa Design Review Board November 7, 2019

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