Growing Fruit And Vegetables Without a Garden

Urban gardening is a trend that's coming across towns and cities.  A lot of men and women think you want a massive plot of land to cultivate your own food, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.  Even the comer of a balcony or an empty windowsill can yield delicious crops of fruit and vegetables.  This article provides tips and ideas about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables with no backyard.

You overlook 't need a lot of property to cultivate your own fruit and vegetables.  Actually, you overlook 't actually need a garden. 
Herbs are used every day to transform dishes, and a mini herb garden is one of the easiest things to grow on your windowsill.  Sow the herbs from seeds in a tray filled with good quality compost.  Instructions about how best to sow the seeds are located on the seed packets, and the method will fluctuate between the several kinds of herbs.  When the seedlings begin to sprout, start rotating the menu every day so they get an equal amount of light.

Transfer the seedlings to strands when they have sprouted their second set of leaves.  Mix gravel using the soil to avoid potentially fatal water logging.  Put the pots on the windowsill and continuously remove the top leaves when the plants reach full-size, to encourage further growth.

Buy little herb plants from nurseries if you don't need to grow them from seeds.  Some herbs are seasonal but others will continue to grow through the year, such as chives, mint, sage and chamomile.

Salad leaves are another plant which 's readily grown on windowsills.  Rocket is popular in salads and has become a modern alternative to traditional watercress leaves.   The window should be placed somewhere that receives a fantastic amount of sunlight, and it must possess ample drainage holes.  Sow the seeds close to the surface and remove a few of the seedlings when they begin to sprout.  This will stop overcrowding.

The leaves can be eaten and cut when they reach 3-inches in length.