Japanese Beetles From The Roses

Adult Japanese beetles are one quarter to one half inch long with aluminum colored wing covers along with a shiny metallic green head.  Between the green head and tiny tufts of white hair along their negative you?ll recognize them easily since they happily munch on your own roses.

These beetles feed on fruits and flowers which makes a skeleton of these leaves by ingesting the green components and departing the veins.  Adults are active from 9 a.m.?  3 p.m. on warm summer days.  These voracious pests favor plants in direct sunshine, so shady areas are often less ruined.

The bacterial spore, sold as ? Doom?  or ? Grub Attack?  Is normally utilized to control these pests.  Employing a hormone bait in your lawn simply attracts more beetles to a lawn.  Place the lure someplace else a hundred yards away inviting the beetles to go everywhere.  Unfortunately, reducing the beetles in your lawn won't reduce their strikes in succeeding years.  These beetles are excellent slopes and will travel upwards of ten miles away from where they hatched.

Handpicking is also effective in your precious plants?  Drop the beetles to a bucket of soapy water to kill them.  There is some data that indicates hand picking is equally as powerful as spraying toxic compounds and you know you have murdered the beetle once it drowns in your soapy bucket.  One trick would be to hold the bucket of soapy water under the plant and then shake off the plant.  Beetles will fall off the plant right into the bucket and you?ll get more beetles should you do so in the morning before they start flying and feeding.  Several birds (grackles, cardinals, meadowlarks) feed on the adult beetles so invite birds in your yard.

In case you decide to use a lure, place it at least 100 feet away from your own garden.  Lures attract beetles and if you place one in your backyard, you?ll have the neighbors beetles visiting too.  Find a burglar who doesn?t backyard to host the lures and traps.