The Art Of Japanese Bonsai

The Japanese refined and developed Bonsai methods and developed the art form it's today.  For the Japanese, bonsai represents a fusion of powerful ancient beliefs with the Eastern philosophies of this harmony between man, the spirit and nature.
The major facets of Japanese bonsai, hasn't changed significantly over time.

Bonsai originally originated in Egypt thousands of years ago and moved to China.  By China bonsai moved to Japan.

Japanese usage azaleas to make magnificent bonsai following years of pruning, wiring and careful care.

The art of raising bonsai dwarfed potted plants has enabled the Japanese to admire nature in an indoor setting.  The art of bonsai, as developed in America, is much freer in concept and style than Japanese bonsai.

The caliber of a bonsai tree is measured on how well it portrays nature in miniature form.  A bonsai should have a well tapered trunk and have branches all around the tree to provide the bonsai visual depth.  The art of bonsai entails the bringing together of shrub and pot in visual stability.  "Bonsai" only means "potted tree. " However, many of the really fine specimens have been pruned for at least a hundred years.

Requiring lots of years of devoted attention and care to produce, the bonsai extends beauty and modulates the importance of life.  The maintenance involved in producing and shaping a bonsai is considered a kind of meditation in and of itself.

As time passes, bonsai began to take on different styles, each which varied immensely from one another.  Nowadays, hardy as well as tropical indoor bonsai are trained in classic styles, such as windswept, slanted trunk, stone clinging, and woods.

Bonsai are highly regarded as a symbol of Japanese culture and ideals.  In contrast to popular belief, bonsai aren't tortured trees.  A bonsai may have regions of wood to provide an impression of age.  There are numerous methods available to this bonsai grower to grow the age.

No longer exclusively an oriental artwork form, now bonsai is practiced by thousands of individuals around the world, on each continent.  The art of bonsai is that the art of copying the soul of nature.  A bonsai sector of substantial size is present in certain sections of Japan.