How to choose the suitable size of garden bed?

More and more people are suffering when they need to make a decision, so am I. That is because there are multiple of choices, among which we cannot mark out the best one, or the most suitable one. Actually after we analyze from different dimensions, and find what is the most important quality, making up our mind may become much easier. This is the same case when it comes to garden bed. While choosing from thousands of garden beds on the market, we can consider what we care about most, the size, the cost, the material, the design or others? In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right size of garden bed.

First of all, you need to decide where the garden bed will be placed. If you have a spacious backyard, of course you can get a garden bed that is as big as you wish. However, when you plan to put it on the porch or patio, where there are limited spaces, smaller ones will suit you better. If by any chances, your ideal place is so irregular that the garden beds on the market cannot fit perfectly, you can choose separate boards and accessories to DIY your own gardening paradise.

What should be taken into account next? People who do the gardening work. Normally, our arm can reach out for about 2 feet, therefore the maximum width we suggest is 4 feet, while there is no limitation on length. Once the garden bed is placed against the wall, however, the width should be within 2 feet. Besides, we should select garden beds according to the gardener’s height. Apart from raised garden bed, an elevated garden bed is also a very smart decision to protect your back or knees. If it is a gift for your family or friend, people will appreciate your considerateness.

The plants are what we can’t ignore when we try to get a suitable garden bed. The absolute minimum depth of garden bed is 4 inches because that is the basic requirement of soil depth. But we highly recommend 7 to 14 inches of depth, the deeper the better, especially when you are growing veggies such as carrots, leeks or any other deep-rooted plants. Not only can the deep soil provide more spaces for the roots to stay, but also more nutrients for the plants to grow. If you plan to grow different plants, you may also consider multi tiers, such as a two tiers garden bed to avoid them to affect each other.

In a word, many factors will influence the size of the garden bed you choose. Don’t get confused but think over. Do you have a specific place? Who will you buy this garden bed for? What will you plant? By answering these questions, selecting the right size can no longer be that difficult. You can also come to visit our website for more garden bed information. We provide a variety of properly designed garden beds that you’ll always find one satisfactory. Come on to grab your garden bed and let’s start gardening!

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